The perfect foundation

The perfect dress requires the perfect foundation

Lingerie can finish off your look, just like shoes. Our lingerie stylists know which style of bra goes well with your outfit. A t-shirt requires a smooth bra, underneath a strapless dress you wear a strapless bra, and under a white blouse you go for a red or skin coloured bra... A simple top gets that little something extra if you catch a glimpse of some nice straps. For every outfit there’s the perfect bra to go with it. Just like you match your shoes and your outfit, you can match your lingerie and your outfit as well.




Dress or top with low neckline

-          the best choice would be a deep plunge bra. Other bra styles with a low central front panel are also possible (depends on how deep the neckline is)

-          Triangle bra as alternative


Dress or top with halter neck

-          All halter neck bras

-          Strapless bras or halter neck bras


Strapless dress or top

-          Strapless bra (without straps or with silicone straps for bigger cup sizes)


Dress or top with wide or round neckline

-          different balcony bras (since the straps are positioned more outwards)

-          strapless bra

-          halter neck bra (show a nice detail) – accessory


Dress or top with spaghetti straps

-          bra with narrow straps (different styles are possible)

-          strapless bra


White shirt

-          if you want the bra to be invisible, you should go for a seamless bra

-          if you want to show some lace, anything is possible

-          colours: red, natural, skin, pink, sand, peach


Skinny jeans

-          seamless bottoms

-          String or Shorts + Hot pants depending on the shape of the thighs


Body-hugging t-shirt

-          seamless bra – padded or non-padded


Body-hugging dress

-          String or shape wear bottoms

-          Body shaper